The 3-Step Method to Tile Selection- SCT

The 3-Step Method to Tile Selection- SCT

The SCT model is an attempt to make tile and stone selection as simple as possible. There can be thousands of choices in a large tile showroom. Making the choices below can substantially decrease some of the confusion associated with making tile and stone selections.

Tile Buyers Guide

S = Style

Identify what style (traditional, modern, etc.) your project will be. Once the style is decided on, there will be many choices that will be eliminated.

C= Color

Identify the color tones you’d like to use. Once the color tones are identified, a designer or tile salesperson can show you the choices that are available in your color range.

T = Texture

Identify the texture/finish you want.(rough or smooth, matte finish or glossy) Once the texture choices are made we can show you the choices available in your color and texture range.
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So, when selecting tile, just think of S.C.T. and choose Style, Color, and Texture in that order. In addition, bringing samples of products you’ve already chosen (cabinets, granite tops, paint colors etc.) can be a good idea.