Find Luxury Flooring with Heated Tiles

Find Luxury Flooring with Heated Tiles

You have so many options when you choose tile as your flooring option. You work with an expert salesperson to determine the type of tile that fits your lifestyle, from porosity to slippage, sealing to cleaning. Other times, you inherit someone else’s tile selection.

The tile is nice and cool under your bare feet. While nice in the hot summer months, your feet turn icy cold in the winter. You may compensate by wearing socks and slippers, and putting throw rugs and mats throughout your kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms that may be tiled. It may never have crossed your mind that you may be able to heat your tiles, keeping your feet toasty warm and comfortable.

Heated floors are not a new phenomenon. The luxury of heated tile flooring can be found in ancient Roman and Turkish baths, Japanese architecture, and forward-thinking architects and builders like Frank Lloyd Wright.

The premise is to create a radiant heat that spreads throughout the floor. Then the air near the floor will warm, rise, and heat the room with minimal energy loss.

There are multiple benefits to heating your tile floors:

• noise reduction due to less use of radiators, furnaces, and HVAC units
• less air circulation through duct work
• prevention of drier (less humid) air
• less dust disturbance
• limit possible allergic reactions and illnesses
• more even heating throughout the room or home
• less energy consumption

Currently there are two different ways to deliver this even, gentle warmth:

• Hydroponic floor heating uses a series of tubing to circulate heated water.
•Electrical floor heating uses a series of electrical tubing to distribute heat.

Heated flooring, like other home improvement options (replacement windows, solar panels, etc.) can increase the value of your home. Like all home improvement decisions, you must analyze the upfront costs of renovation and/or installation versus long-term savings on utilities and potential future repair costs.

From a flooring perspective, tile experts in conjunction with your builder or contractor and your electrician can help you navigate the many heated flooring options that will work well with your tile selection to create a comfortable living space.