3 Key Aspects of Tile Care

3 Key Aspects of Tile Care

Like any other material or product, tile needs regular cleaning and care to maintain its luster, beauty, and function. There are three important aspects to tile care:

1. Pick the Right Tile
This may sound like an arbitrary decision, but picking out a tile is more than just color, design, and durability. You want to pick a tile that reflects your lifestyle. Like other flooring options, cleaning and maintaining your tile will be incorporated into your household cleaning regime. Some tiles will be virtually maintenance free, like porcelain. Others, like natural stone, will require more preservation including sealing and special cleaning products.

2. Start Your Tile Care Routine Out Right
To begin your tile care, you need to know what kind of tiles you have. If you were involved in the tile selection, you already know; but some of you purchase homes where tile has already been installed. Once you know your tile, a tile expert like the sales associates at Melcer Tile can recommend the appropriate cleaning product for your tile. They can also advise you on the different cleaning products available, depending on how frequently you clean your tile. For example, you may clean your floors once a week, but your tiles may need a deep clean or a few times a year (think spring cleaning) or resealing, which may require a different type of product.

3. Use Adequate Ventilation
Tile tends to be placed in rooms that regularly vary in temperature and moisture: your kitchen and your bathrooms. Temperature and moisture changes create the perfect environment for what we don’t want: mold and mildew. In addition to your regular cleaning routine, adequate ventilation can help prevent mold and mildew from spreading. When building or remodeling, it is worth the extra time and investment of selecting the appropriate fans that will help maintain your tile.

Tile is a beautiful option for your home or business. Maintaining your tile can be a simple process when you know what to do. Your friendly tile experts at Melcer Tile can help you determine the best ways to keep your tile looking new and beautiful.